Patti Barrett, Graphic Designer and Owner

Patti provides one-on-one communication and personalized service by collaborating with you and then with writers, programmers and other creative talents to produce award-winning visuals that get your business the attention it deserves. Her work includes: WordPress Website Design, Digital graphics, Brochures, Logos, Brand Identity, Corporate Collateral, Event Graphics, Package Design, Book Design, Educational Marketing materials and more.

Her passion is finding the one concept that perfectly promotes a client’s identity. Her unwavering insistence on design excellence have driven creative solutions that consistently gain clients’ trust. She believes smart and thoughtful design can be achieved with all projects for any company from individually owned start-ups to large corporations.

Patti earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in Visual Communications from Florida State University. She has more than 25 years experience as Designer, Art Director, and Project Manager specializing in a wide range of corporate communications, especially in the fields of Financial Services, Educational Marketing, Hospitality, Real Estate, Technology and Healthcare.

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